Welcome to TRUFA

TRUFA (Transcriptomes User-Friendly Analysis) is a free webserver designed to help you perform RNA-seq analysis.

So far, TRUFA is allowing you to execute the following steps (programs used are specified in the parentheses):

  • Reads cleaning:
    • Reads quality control (FASTQC)
    • Quality trimming and duplicates removal (Prinseq)
    • Trimming adapters (Cutadapt)
    • Filtering out potential contaminants (Blat)
  • De novo assembly of your reads (Trinity)
  • Reads mapping (Bowtie2)
  • Contigs (i.e transcripts) identification based on:
    • sequence alignment (Blat, Blast)
    • protein dominions, profiles (HMMER)
    • Annotation with GO terms (Blast2GO)
  • Expression quantification: providing TPMs, FPKMs and read counts (RSEM, eXpress)

Discover TRUFA with tutorial videos HERE

For more information, check out the manual.

If you find TRUFA useful, please cite:

Kornobis, Cabellos, Aguilar, Frias-Lopez, Rozas, Marco & Zardoya (2015). TRUFA: A user-friendly web server for de novo RNA-seq analysis using cluster computing. Evolutionary Bioinformatics. 11:97-104. Link to the article

And please acknowledge IFCA at the University of Cantabria for the use of Altamira supercomputer.

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If you don't have an account please send an e-mail to res_support@ifca.unican.es with subject "TRUFA registration", specifying your full name, your institutional email (not gmail, hotmail, ...) and your affiliation.

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